Hydraulic Ram Assembly
Developed by specialists in the field, this piece of equipment was created to enable a standard single-acting 10,000kg hydraulic ram to affect a pull load of 10,000kg with a 200mm stroke. No easy feat, this equipment allows for the safe movement of incredibly vast loads, and has been rigorously tested to eradicate any potential issues and maximise the safety of use for engineers. Originally created to help facilitate the placement of supplement loadings during specialist ISO tank container testing - here at MTCS Ltd - we realised that the equipment could be applied to a variety of other uses across many industries and endeavoured to create a marketable version. Everything that we create and supply here at MTCS Ltd undergoes intensive testing, ensuring that the tool works at its optimum level for these and other applications:
  • Overhead crane testing.
  • Tension applications.
  • Controlled pulling of machinery.
  • Testing of lift points.
  • Multiple uses in tandem, increase pull capacity 4 off 10,000kg singl acting rams will pull in tension 40 ton with ease.
  • Controlled load application in tension if used with a hydraulic pump with a calibrated gauge for general test purposes.