Offshore Horizontal Drop Test Equipment
Ensure that your container is robust enough to withstand a drop - whether accidental or necessary - in its everyday functioning, ensuring that it doesn’t damage its content or its structural integrity with the wear and tear of use.
When dealing with sensitive or potentially dangerous contents, this is of vital importance, as it can result in damage to surrounding property or even to those who are working on the transportation of the containers.
 Allowing the user to scale the piece of equipment to the size of the container, the offshore horizontal drop test equipment is perfect for ensuring that your cargo holder adheres to both EN 12079 and DNV 2.7-1 drop tests.
Only to be operated in dedicated drop zone areas.
Given our extensive experience in the shipping and offshore equipment testing industry, every piece of equipment is expertly tested and we ascertain that it adheres to its respective guidelines before it reaches the point of sale.