At MCTS we offer a range of analysis services to assist your product design from an engineering standpoint. From design calculation sheets to finite element analysis simulations we can help. All of our design work comes with an easy to understand comprehensive report explaining any of our calculations or simulations and how to interpret them.
Our area of expertise is analysing freight containers in their pre-test stage – giving you an idea of whether or not your product will pass our ISO/CSC/DNV standard tests. We can work with you and develop your design in order to gauge whether or not it is suitable before an expensive prototype is potentially damaged.
As well as simulating the results of our test rig loads, we can offer bespoke 3D CAD modelling and FEA if required, 2D technical drawing services, custom MathCAD documents for your design calculations and more. All of this is done in house and we can work with you through the whole design process, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Weld investigation of a bespoke container restraining system designed and analysed at MCTS.

Investigation in to the deformation in a pin used for securing freight containers using FEA.

FEA analysis of a camera gantry designed for Flint Town United FC.

Example of our 2D technical drawing service.

Investigating deflections in a container in an ISO test using FEA.

CAD model of a 20ft container.