At MCTS, we offer static finite element analysis simulation at the pre-testing stage. This process tests your units to establish how they will react to the loads experienced under testing conditions. This is carried out in accordance with the relevant CSC, ISO & DNV regulations.

 Upon providing technical drawings, our design engineer can produce a CAD model based on your drawings and then simulate specific loading on the model. We use Dassault Systems’ SolidWorks to build a bespoke model for your product, and we can run analysis on a number of the standard tests based on the ISO, CSC & DNV requirements.
All of our analysis is done in-house, meaning you do not have to deal with an external company. We can then directly advise you on how the results should be interpreted. All test design applications are backed up with a comprehensive report package produced by ourselves. Once this analysis is completed, we can then perform the physical tests to gain approval.
All structures are considered.