Suitable for both small and large companies the CRAS systems differ from their hand rail and gantry counterparts, in that they can be operated by just one person. This creation has been developed by test engineers who rely on its functioning every day. The equipment allows personnel to access the roof or an ISO container or site cabin, with the installation and operation done by one person.
This is the only safe method for reaching the roof of such equipment, making it a vital tool for companies who require such access.
Ideal for transport companies, inspectors and depot operatives - all of our CRAS systems are of European design, and have undergone full design review, testing and approval by Major Classification Societies before being made available on the market.
Here at MCTS Ltd, we are committed to supplying only the highest quality equipment, made from the best materials and tested rigorously by our specialist team. We understand how vital it is to ensure the safety of the engineers utilising these tools, and offer very competitive prices.
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Kit prices start from £267.00 plus VAT.

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